JC Minidiggers

CPCS 180° & 360° Qualified Operator

  • Excavator 180 below 5 tonnes
  • Excavator 180 above 5 tonnes
  • Excavator 360 below 10 tonnes
  • Excavator 360 above 10 tonnes

Operated Mini Digger Hire

Based in North Leeds covering Yorkshire area

Cable avoidance and services detection tool available.

Latest Testimonial

Thank you John for the great job you did for Headingley Station West Allotments, Leeds.
In one day, you and your machine dug the main 90 metre trench for our new water-pipe amazingly fast, worked with us as we changed our minds about where the side trenches for the taps were going, dug those side trenches, and used the digger to help dig out buried water-butts. Not only did you back-fill most of the line, and levelled it, but you also showed us how to sort out some niggly leaking connections at the end.
We had far less work to do ourselves the next day, than we expected when we planned the works; just double checking junctions for leaks and back-filling those small areas. We have a new, leak-free water system , which of course, is now drained down and just waiting for Spring 2020.
Thanks again,
Doreen, Secretary HSWAA


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